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Yoga for Back Pain Research

The researchers closely monitored 228 adults who suffer from acute and chronic back pain problems. They were separated into three groups with two groups attending daily yoga sessions and the remaining group doing different exercises for a few weeks.
At the end of the program they discovered that 50% the participants who attended yoga sessions felt much better compared with only 20% of the other group.

Yoga is More than Meditation

The Yoga for back Pain research forces us to look more deeply into what Yoga actually is. Yoga is not just a form of meditation as some people perceive it and the benefits are not just limited to strengthening muscles, improve flexibility and balance. Yoga is an extremely good form of physical therapy for relieving back pain, shorten recovery time, reduce swelling and increase blood circulation. Practicing yoga daily will help improve your posture and keep your spine in proper alignment.

There are many forms and poses of yoga and not all can help your back condition. In fact some can even worsen it. It is best to attend classes under the guidance of certified yoga instructors as they can advise on what poses are suitable for you.
Back strengthening poses serve not only to strengthen your muscles around the spine, but also help to activate your kidneys and increase the energy in your body. Back releasing poses will help to reduce tension and muscle spasm and improve spinal mobility. These exercises will help to nourish your back muscles and muscle tissues, and are good for people suffering from lower back pain. Stretching other muscles in your body such as the hamstring and thigh will make them stronger and more flexible and lessen the amount of stress on your back. This will finally reduce the tension and relieve your back.

Start Slow and Be Patient

Performing poses on the floor are easier than standing poses as they require less strength and balance. One very important aspect of doing yoga is to learn how to breathe properly, especially when holding the poses. Choose poses with longer hold times (inhaling and exhaling) as they are easier to do.
When you master the art of deep and rhythmic breathing, your body will relax, freeing you of pain-inducing restrictions and eases proper circulation.
Do not eat at least one to two hours before you practice yoga and make sure you are well hydrated.

You should practice yoga daily for an average of 30 minutes, depending on your schedule, objective and fitness level. It is better to practice more often with shorter duration than less often with longer duration, as this will produce better result.

If you are seeking relief from back pain, yoga is certainly one of the best lower back pain exercises. Like all forms of exercises, do not push your body to the limits. If you still experience pain after doing yoga, stop and consult your doctor.

Back Pain Treatment is a blog full of interesting information on back pain problems, treatment options and prevention tips. Visit this site for current events and stories relating to back pain and share your thoughts. So now that we have this interesting Yoga for back pain research it is time for you to learn to do Yoga

Alternative Treatment Options

Of course, Yoga may not properly relieve everyone's back pain, as sometimes there are more severe underlying disorders that are the root cause.  During those times, you may need to seek an orthopedic specialist that has experience with surgically correcting spinal disorders and delivering unique, specific treatments for a patient's specific condition.  Some of these conditions may include Herniated or Ruptured discs, spinal stenosis, and spondylolisthesis just to name a few.  Many of these  conditions, including others that cause sciatica like symptoms, require specialized operations that aim to correct the disorder.

Some of these surgical procedures can include:

  • Microdiscectomy - a minimally invasive procedure that aims to provide relief for patients that are suffering from herniated discs.  This operation only requires a tiny incision of the skin to perform, although it only   addresses the issues that are a direct result of rupturing a disc.\
  • Decompression Laminectomy -  a solution for patients with spinal stenosis, and is often the best option for treatement of the condition. Essentially, bone is removed from the spinal canal to provide more room for the spinal cord and nerves, relieving pressure and as a result, pain as well.
  • Lumbar Fusion & Fixation - these two procedures are common for anyone with instability between vertebrae of the spine.  Fixation provides additional stabilization for patients that need it through the use of rods and screws that are rarely removed once the procedure has been completed

If you find yourself in a position where a more direct approach to treating your back pain is the best option, then we urge you to find assistance from a spine surgeon or orthopedic specialist that can help.    Below is  a short list of resources that can be a good starting point for patients in Richmond Virginia to find the assistance they need:

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